Story Design's Story

How it started

Rance Greene started sharing his approach to design for training and communications in 2016 with local learning professionals in Dallas, Texas. It became apparent that the interest in bringing stories center stage in training and communications was intense.

Listening to others' stories

People began to share their perspectives with Rance: seasoned consultants who wanted to use the power of story for their clients, but didn't know how; instructional design students who knew a ton of theory, but didn't know how to apply it on the job; and professionals from other industries transitioning into talent development who needed an accessible method of entering the field. 

Story is the method

Story Design's goal is to move a specific audience to take action on new skills, new knowledge and attitudes using story's power to connect with people's emotions. It is the very mechanism behind analysis, design, development and delivery of the training. Rance brings his expertise in playwriting, performance and visual design to this award-winning technique of Story Design. 

Design for the real world

Story Design doesn't skimp on analysis, sound instruction or measurements. Its common-sense approach to solving root problems and moving business outcomes makes sense to the novice and deepens the expertise of seasoned instructional designers. It compels stakeholders and subject matter experts to be more active in the analysis phase. Best of all, the learner remembers and acts upon what they've learned.

This is where you come in

If you are a talent development professional or want to be, and you want to have the power of story on your side, sign up for an upcoming Master Class Series or contact me. I'll be happy to talk with you and keep the story going!

A note about communications

Story Design was intended initially for training, but its influence upon communications is unmistakeable. Story Design has been the base of corporate communications for many departments who wanted their message to reach employees and make a measurable difference.