Story Design in Orlando


Join Rance for a pre-conference workshop at Learning Solutions!

Storytelling is an essential skill that increases retention and prepares the learner to take action. As an instructional designer and developer, you need a quick way to create characters in conflict that connect to learning objectives. The most basic of stories can have a profound impact on your audience, increasing knowledge, skills and attitudes. Storytelling becomes even more essential as a foundation for gamification, microlearning, virtual reality, and scenario design. And though experts in our field laud storytelling for its teaching attributes and explain why stories are so powerful, practical guidance to write and develop them for learning is scarce. You need more than theory. You need a methodology. And you need practice doing it.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create relatable characters for your unique audience and put them into meaningful conflict. You will use customized job aids and templates to write a story centered around learning objectives. You will analyze, discover and build stories with your peers. You will receive immediate feedback, and experience story examples from real training solutions. You will walk away with development ideas using the tools you already own.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to analyze learner profiles for relatable characters
  • How to extract an action list from stakeholder conversations to create meaningful conflict
  • To create a story premise based on thorough analysis of your audience and what they need to do as a result of training
  • To build a story focused on learning objectives
  • How to fine-tune the action of your story
  • How to develop stories with templates and job aids, using the tools you already own

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