The power of storytelling in your hands

A comprehensive and entertaining manual for discovering, designing and delivering stories that teach. Rely on the methodology. Keep pace with business. Revolutionize instructional design.

"I don't have time to write a story for training!"

If time is an issue, welcome to a methodology that will guide you through the very familiar path of discovery, design and delivery for quick development of stories that tie concretely to performance objectives. You may not feel like you're the creative type, but as someone who stands up for the learners' best interests, you know how important it is to engage them both intellectually and emotionally. Purchase the book or join a workshop. Storytelling can be mastered. 

"Stories aren't serious enough for our content."


We get it. Not everyone understands the power of stories for training.

But even the most demanding or skeptical stakeholders have acknowledged the power of Story Design for changing behavior and equipping their employees. Story Design has been applied to every type of training imaginable, across industries, with incredible success. It's accessible, practical and effective. 

Story Design meets you where you're at


Enjoy the stories, do the exercises, put the principles into practice.


Practice Story Design techniques with Rance. Get immediate feedback. Connect with other story designers in your community. 


Story Design in real life with author, Rance Greene. It's less like a recording and more like learning and laughing with live participants. 

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