The power of stories for training in your hands


Coming April 2020!

As an Instructional designer, you have a particular advantage in storytelling for training, because you are very good at analysis, design and development. Story Design is a methodology that draws upon sound instructional design. The characters, the conflict the plot lines are all right there in the information you’ve collected for instruction. 

Instructional Story Design empowers you with clear, practical guidance to: 

  • Discover, design and deliver stories that concretely connect to performance objectives. 
  • Analyze your audience for relatable characters and structure an action list for strong conflict. 
  • Storyboard and make your story ideas a reality, whether you need a simple delivery solution or a highly technical one. 

Exercises, job aids, tools and loads of story examples are right there to support you as you implement Story Design principles. No matter what your experience level is as an instructional designer, Story Design is a competency that can be mastered. It can become second nature. With the process of Story Design on your side, you won’t have problems keeping up with the pace of business. You’ll be creating stories at warp speed. 


The Story Design Model

At the core of the book is a model that has been used by countless talent development professionals. It's simple, comprehensive and easily keeps pace with the speed of business. 


Practical steps

Many books tell us that stories are great for training. This book tells you how to do it, complete with practice throughout each phase, you'll get plenty of hands-on experience discovering, designing and delivering stories for training.


Support resources

Each step in the Story Design model is supported by robust job aids, worksheets and a complete Instructional Story Design Plan. When you purchase the book, you also get access to editable downloads of these resources. 



Guidance for maximizing the story you've created to train your audience. Examples of how other companies, like Pizza Hut, PepsiCo and Southwest Airlines, have implemented story-based training. Research and approaches for persuading skeptics. Best practices for getting started. 



What would a book on Story Design be without stories? You'll get to know Dayna, James, Randall and Fayette and the characters that emerge from Dayna's latest project. You'll read stories of fiction, non-fiction and metaphor. The book models the model. You'll learn a lot through stories. 

Who should read the book

Instructional designers

Instructional designers

Instructional designers


Story Design naturally syncs with instructional design. Training becomes memorable and actionable with story on its side. 


Instructional designers

Instructional designers


Anyone with a message that requires the action of its audience will benefit from the principles of Story Design. Connect and convince through storytelling. 


Instructional designers



Professors and teachers will hone their ability to capture the rapt attention of their students. Story Design challenges students to take action on new knowledge. 

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