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Story Design (3 Sessions) Fall 2019

Discover, design and deliver stories that connect with your audience and move them to action. Join nationally recognized instructional designer and storyteller, Rance Greene, for this three-session workshop series and an in-depth, interactive and fun approach to learning through stories. 

Oct 28, Nov 4 & 11

10:00-11:30 (Central Time)

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Pizza Hut

 Story Design Online Workshop completely re-framed my approach to ISD, especially as it relates to leadership training. As a result, we have incorporated storytelling into our next generation training. The experience feels realistic, believable, relatable, and authentic. Rance's session was inspirational, creative, and a total must for people who want to design memorable, emotional training that sticks. Many thanks to Rance!

Great Dane Trailers

 The Story Design Workshop helped to build my confidence in taking story-based approaches by giving me a set of simple tools that I could start using instantly. As a department, we’ve started integrating stories into almost all of the training we design. It’s helped us move away from creating materials that feel instructional and start building training that feels immersive and real to the learner. As live trainers we all used stories instinctively, but those same stories never made it into our online training. After taking the Story Design Workshop, it’s become second nature to use stories in nearly everything we design.

Sendero Consulting

The Story Design Master Class gave our team structure and tools to create meaningful training using stories. We incorporated the principles of Story Design to film scenarios for a course that helped improve our staff’s professional acumen. The debrief of the scenarios, and the retention of the material is so much better than before. Learning outcomes have surpassed our expectations! Thank you for helping us take our training and learner engagement to the next level, Rance!