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Instructional Story Design is the comprehensive book that will guide you through each phase of discovering, designing and delivering your story for training. But sometimes, you need in-person hands-on practice. That's what the Story Design Workshops are all about. Contact us and schedule a full-day workshop, keynote or online webinar. 

Story Design can be learned

You have a team focused on talent development, communications, change management or value proposition. You'd like for your team to be able make stories central to the message with practical, supported guidance. Apply Story Design to training, communications, change management or articulating a value proposition that requires action on the part of your audience.  Give us a day with your team.

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Join the pre-con workshop in Denver on May 16!

Story Design can come to you

Share a brief description of your vision for using storytelling in your message.

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Before attending the workshop...

...or after you've attended, you'll want to have the principles of Story Design on hand to easily reference. The book itself contains exercises, job aids and stories (of course!) that will empower you to design stories for training quickly and sustainably. 

What to expect from full-day workshops

You may be intimidated by stories or feel like you don't have enough time to design stories for training. The full-day workshop empowers participants with the skills and tools to design stories that consistently connect to performance objectives. Join nationally recognized instructional designer and storyteller, Rance Greene, for an in-depth, interactive and fun approach to learning through stories. 

Click HERE to register at the ATD ICE 2020 pre-conference website.


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Great Dane Trailers

Great Dane Trailers

 Story Design Workshop completely re-framed my approach to ISD, especially as it relates to leadership training. As a result, we have incorporated storytelling into our next generation training. The experience feels realistic, believable, relatable, and authentic. Rance's session was inspirational, creative, and a total must for people who want to design memorable, emotional training that sticks. Many thanks to Rance!

Great Dane Trailers

Great Dane Trailers

Great Dane Trailers

 The Story Design Workshop helped to build my confidence in taking story-based approaches by giving me a set of simple tools that I could start using instantly. As a department, we’ve started integrating stories into almost all of the training we design. It’s helped us move away from creating materials that feel instructional and start building training that feels immersive and real to the learner. As live trainers we all used stories instinctively, but those same stories never made it into our online training. After taking the Story Design Workshop, it’s become second nature to use stories in nearly everything we design.

Sendero Consulting

Great Dane Trailers

Sendero Consulting

The Story Design Master Class gave our team structure and tools to create meaningful training using stories. We incorporated the principles of Story Design to film scenarios for a course that helped improve our staff’s professional acumen. The debrief of the scenarios, and the retention of the material is so much better than before. Learning outcomes have surpassed our expectations! Thank you for helping us take our training and learner engagement to the next level, Rance!